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Pazar günü izlemesi keyifli filmlerden biri “you will meet a tall dark stranger“. Gün içerisinde bol sütlü sıcacık kahveyle.

You will meet a tall dark stranger is one of the good movies to watch with a hot cup of cafe au lait.

Akşama doğruysa Something’s gotta give. Bol patlamış mısırla filmin her sahnesinin keyfini çıkarın:

On night, let’s watch Something’s Gotta Give with popcorn.

Okunacaklara geçersek:

Let’s see what to read:

Lisa Abend’in güzel yazısıyla başlayalım: (photo by Murdo MacLeod)

Let’s start with Lisa Abend:

Adrià intends the El Bulli Foundation to foster creativity – that ineffable quality that is his great legacy. In addition to the Bullipedia, it will house a museum and sponsor a scholarship program to bring young cooks from around the world to experiment with cooking’s possibilities.

wonderful inspiration from Garance Dore and also lots of readings to give you a different point of view on fashion and lifestyle.

to try wonderful recipes from Sunday Suppers